Kid's Club

Mom's Day Out

Ledges children have the opportunity to participate in our new Mom's Day Out program which begins on June 1.  This program will be held at The Ledges pool Monday - Friday from 11AM until 2PM. 

Children will swim, play, eat lunch and do a craft with two certified lifeguards.  Children must pass a swim test before they are eligible for this program.  To set up a swim test, contact Sam Mix at

The price is $50 a day and includes lunch. 

To register for any days, contact The Ledges Receptionist at 256-883-0860. 


Babysitting will return to The Ledges on May 25.  In this revamped program, children will enjoy a series of activities and dinner followed by a movie.  Babysitting reservations must be made at 12PM the day of, the program is open to children ages 2-12.

The price is $20 per child and $15 for each additional child, this price does not include dinner. 
Babysitting will be offered between the hours of 5:30 and 9PM, Tuesday - Saturday. If children are not picked up by 9PM, parents will be fined.